:: Simple isn’t as easy as it looks. ‘Simple’ is the result of a hundred ideas and false starts. To spark a tone sounding like nothing else out there – nailing a single sentence or phrase – is by definition the distillation of complexity.


:: Training my shepherd Betsy has taught me more about relationships and teamwork than any other life experience. Request rather than Command; Reward rather than Bribe; Give rather than Surrender, Contribute rather than Please. If you want someone’s attention, they need a valid desire to want to grant it. This is my core philosophy about the work I do. And life.

:: Making up stuff isn’t second nature. As a kid I took Wite-Out to the Sunday funnies to add my own captions. I reworked the endings in Grimm’s, and watched television with no sound so that my own characters could speak. My debut title at age eight, The Bellybutton Lint Book, involved collecting samples from friends and family and conducting interviews with their navels. A number of decades and improved plot-lines later, my novels are widely published and translated, winning prizes I cannot pronounce. Five books up and I’m still at it. More about that at sarahstonich.com. As an author during one of the most challenging eras in publishing, I’ve become a marketer by necessity, exploring fringe venues and opportunities beyond the norm.

:: It Takes More than creativity or imagination. My compulsion to find out what’s missing, wrong or out of order make me a hawkish fixer, and finding new routes to the same end have shaped me as a nimble problem solver. Being ADD and ciXelSYd provide me unique perspectives when orbiting an idea (and makes assembling IKEA items real interesting) If I had a tattoo, it would read: perseverance.

:: My Clients include Metalsmith, City Secrets New York, Target, Minnesota Monthly, Replace Design, INTO Minneapolis, Left Field, Joe Black, Spunk Design Machine, BridgeArts, Look+See EyeCare, General Mills and many more.

:: Honors The McKnight Foundation and The Minnesota State Arts Board have given me money to think stuff up and write it down. I was a Drew Heinz Fellow (yup, the ketchup) at Hawthornden Castle in Scotland, and, have been a writer-in-residence at The Ragdale Foundation in Chicago; Ledig House in NY, and The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland.

:: Personal Hike. Lake Superior. Read. Write. Dog. Swim. Travel.

:: Balance. Writing copy by day and fiction by night is my perfect storm, one inspiring and sparking the other.