W o r d S t @ l k e r s

‘Give my creation …life!’ Dr. Frederick von Frankenstein.

‘Let’s talk.’ Sarah Stonich

If your brand could talk…

WE CREATE copy and content to shape the character of your brand by putting the right words in its mouth. Our clients range from small start-ups to booming enterprises – from the food truck down the street to international brands an ocean away.

THE MARKETPLACE is evolving for the better. Consumers – humans – want more meaning in the choices they make, they want to know about the people behind the brand – what ideas inspired the products, who are the makers, what are their stories?

NAILING A NAME, crafting a campaign, or scaffolding your entire brand with language, we give voice to projects of all sizes. With forty years of combined experience, our word-count is in the millions. We tell your story free of corporate glossolalia, hard pitches, clichés and overstatement.

WE DON’T DO IT the way we’ve always done it. Sometimes the right word doesn’t exist – yet. Or it only almost does. As in: ‘Effective branding does not need to marginalize or misogynyze’. There, mysogynize is now a word! Rules don’t rule. WordStalkers color outside the lines.

Sometimes, the simplest lines become the most iconic and timeless: ‘Friend…Good.’  Mary Shelley, January, 1818