We write it the way you would if you could.

WordStalkers writes, edits, and creates content for online and print media. With forty years of combined experience, our published word-count is in the millions. Our clients are individuals, non-profits, small start-ups and large companies in a wide range of fields and services. Avoiding corporate glossolalia, bad analogies and advertising cliches, we wrap your brand, product, service, or organization in clear language and get it out there.



Creative Writing





We see what you don’t or can’t or don’t want to and fix it. We consult and assess,
winnow, edit, rework and finish the thing. We believe that inside every fat, overworked message there's a svelte one trying to get out, whether in a single line of copy or a book-length manuscript.  We have red pencils.  We have eyes in the backs of our heads.

Together we figure out what works and what doesn’t. We help you imagine, clarify, plot, frame, and strap in for launch. We mind-meld to figure out the best tactics then create fully realized presentations and portraits of you and your brand. We offer press and publishing coaching by people who’ve been through it all. Your innovation paired with our savvy makes it real.

:Writing Copy
From tailoring single sentences to writing full-length volumes, we do it. We look long and hard at you and your stuff, take your data, brain farts, scraps of input and information and fuse words with ideas to create expressive ad and web content, print media, articles, proposals, press releases and more. Seriously succinct.

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We are members of professional organizations such as Authors Guild, AWP, NWU, AGA and other important organizations with many initials. Find them plastered on our individual websites and business cards.